Edgehog Music- and Media Productions

Music- and Media Productions was established in 2008 as a new record label, with the intention of making a change in danish music culture, which for the past decays has had its focus
solely on commercial potentials. For that reason, serious artists haven't had a chance
of showing their art, and get the proper credits for it. The past 10 years of danish cultural policy has kept this status quo, making it even more impossible for artists with other
than dollars on their mind, to be able to publish their art.
I have taken the consequence, and made my own record label, with the first release
15-09-08 of my debut CD : "State of the Art "Smalltown People".

Harry Jokumsen: Guitar - Sitar - Keys - Bass - Flute - Koto - Drums - Vocal - Programming
Christian Vuust: Soprano sax and Bass clarinet. • Jacob Venndt: Cromatic Harmonica
Jo K. Jokumsen: Guitar - Keys - Drums - Cello - Programming • Shashi Maharaj: Tabla

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